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Stylish Small Space Solutions

posted by Palliser Rooms    |   December 6, 2013 14:08

The Vienna sofa is available in custom fabrics

When space is limited, it can feel like you furniture choices are too.  At 73" in length, the Vienna sofa by Canadian furniture manufacturer Van Gogh Designs is a beautiful example of the perfect piece for space challenged rooms.

In a small area, your sofa will often take center stage. We suggest selecting a style with simple yet interesting lines and perhaps covering it in a solid fabric. Another decorating tip is to choose a piece with exposed legs and open space underneath which tricks the eye into perceiving more space than there really is.

Creating a room plan is key so be sure to bring along your room measurements and have a look at doorway sizes, entry areas and any other details that may pose a potential problem hindering the delivery of your furniture pieces.  If you are in a condo or apartment, check the elevator and/or stairs as well for size restrictions.

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